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Sail and ski in Lyngen Alps


All-inclusive Sail & Ski packages in the Lyngen Alps. Luxury catamaran and professional mountain guide & captain.  

42.500 NOK



Skiing Lyngen ALPS


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Escape to the breathtaking beauty of Norway's fjords and mountains with our Arctic Ski & Sail package. Our luxury catamaran and local crew will take you on an unforgettable journey to the legendary mountains in Lyngen, where you'll experience skiing like never before.


Our professional mountain guide will lead you on safe and exciting summit hikes in untouched nature, bringing you closer to the mountains than ever before. The Lyngen Alps is one of Norway's finest ski paradises, where majestic mountains plunge into the sea and fjords. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and you'll have the opportunity to witness it firsthand.


Sail in, walk up, and ski down some of the best mountains that aren't accessible without a boat. That's why our Ski&Sail package has become so popular, with people coming from all over the world to experience this unique way of skiing.


But that's not all - our tour is tailored for those who want to experience the best of North Norway. In addition to skiing, we offer a range of other activities, including fishing, after-ski, fjord cruises, village sightseeing, and wildlife safaris. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the beauty of Norway's fjords and mountains in a way that few others have.

At Arctic Eagle, we pride ourselves on our local and knowledgeable crew, who have all the necessary certificates to ensure your safety and comfort during your Sail and Ski adventure. With our crew's extensive knowledge of the area, we can travel at sea and in the mountains safely, while also providing you with a unique insight into the local culture and history.


But our crew is more than just knowledgeable - they're also passionate about food. Our crew will serve you delicious meals made from local and fresh ingredients. We adapt our menu based on the best ingredients available, and we serve food with high quality that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Video Sail & Ski


Certified Captain

Wifi access 

Professional guide

meals included 




5 ski trips

Soft drinks


We use our exclusive catamaran as a base, to get close to the amazing mountain ranges

Our boat Arctic Eagle is a well-equipped catamaran with its 48 feet.

When you get on board our boat, you will get the feeling of getting on board a floating hotel.

4 Double cabins
4 Toilet with showers
Heating systems
Storage space
A kitchen where good food is made
Safety equipment
360-degree views from the lounge inside and out
Certified Captain with local knowledge


Lyngen mountain guides

When you book an Arctic Sail & Ski with Northern Yachting, you will be guided along the way by Ascent Decent, who is the leading guiding company in the Lyngen Alps


One of the benefits of using a guiding company like Ascent Descent is the safety and security that they provide. They are familiar with the terrain and weather conditions of the Lyngen Alps and can make informed decisions about the safety of the expedition.


Another benefit of using a guiding company like Ascent Descent is the knowledge and expertise that the guides provide. The guides are familiar with the peaks and routes in the Lyngen Alps and can provide valuable information about the terrain and conditions. 

Ski guides in Northern Yachting
Ski and sail planning route

6 days program 

The program can be adapted to the needs of each individual group.

Day 1

Get to know the captain and guide
Equipment check
Information about the tour

Easy ski tour

Day 2-5
Morning brief about the condition
Tailored ski trips
Apres ski
Exploring Nature & Wildlife

Day 6
Sail back to Tromsø
Enjoying the Nature & 


Håkon has dedicated his entire career to fishing in the Barents Sea, and now he is utilizing his vast knowledge to provide our customers with an exceptional experience in the Arctic. His top priority is ensuring the safety and comfort of our guests.


As a captain, Håkon has to ensure that the passengers are safe and comfortable throughout the journey. He also has to keep a close eye on the weather conditions and adjust the route accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for the passengers.


Being a captain of a passenger boat in North Norway is a unique and exciting experience. The stunning scenery, the abundance of wildlife, and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world make it a fulfilling and enriching career. Håkon takes great pride in his work and is passionate about providing his passengers with an unforgettable experience in the Arctic.

Northern Yachting use local crew, with great knowledge
Contact us Ski&Sal


Duration of this trip:
6 DAYs

Maximum number of guests:


price Per person
42.500 NOK
based on 2 people sharing a cabin 


The following are not included in this price:

Flights to/from Tromsø

Ski gear and avalanche equipment (can be arranged)

Insurance (personal medical, travel, cancellation, etc.)

Alcoholic beverages


Your skiing level
Choose your package

Thanks for reaching out!


Pack your ski gear in a large ski bag where you also have room for boots, helmets, skis, etc., and a large North Face bag (waterproof 100-140 L is recommended) for the rest of your gear and clothing.

You can take the hiking bag and any boots on board the aircraft.


Bring mountain gear and clothing for 6 days of trips, and casual outfits for travel, dinner, and social occasions.

Recommended tour equipment

Randonee /telemark ski/split board 

Bindings for skis/boards

Crampons for skis

Avalanche equipment; beacon, probe, and shovel 

First aid box (with Compeed plasters for rubbing, sports tape etc)

Thin gloves for the ascent, thicker gloves for the descent

Two hats (one thin hat for the ascent and one wool hat for the descent)

Wool underwear and socks

Helmet and goggles

Sunglasses and high-factor sunscreen

Thin fleece jacket

Thin down jacket for cold days and rest breaks on the summits

Shell pants and jacket (wind and waterproof)

Small thermos for coffee, tea, hot water, etc.

2 water bottles of 1 - 1 1/2 liter

Small waterproof seating pad

The best skiing trip in Norway

LET´s explore together

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