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We have a strict policy that we must be in control at all times.

We work hard to ensure that our customers get what they pay for, and that it has a great trip with us.

We will have a safety brief
 on board before each trip before the trip starts.

If you have to cancel the trip due to bad weather, we will refund the money or offer a new trip. In addition, we will be helpful in finding you other activities.

We respect everyone, and we include everyone in the same way.

The tours will be arranged so that all age groups can participate. We deliver total packages, and we therefore use serious players in the industry to ensure your quality.

Our boat is a very stable boat, and you will therefore not feel that the boat goes everywhere. If you are bothered by seasickness, we will adjust the speed, in addition, we have medicine on board that can be given


1. Booking
Bookings may be made via our website, by e-mail, phone, or via a third party where our products are bookable (e.g. hotel reception, travel agents, or a third-party website, etc.).

By making a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept financial responsibility on behalf of yourself and any traveling companions, i.e. you accept liability for paying the agreed amount to Northern Yachting AS for all members of the group for which you are booking.

When booking on behalf of several participants, you are responsible for communicating the terms and conditions to the other participants.

2. Terms of payment

Day tours
When booking a day tour or activity, the full amount will be charged upon booking.
You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking.
For online bookings, you pay the whole amount at the time of booking.

Multi-day Tours/Packages

  • When ordering a multi-day trip or package, you will receive an invoice for a 10% deposit of the total amount on your order.
    You confirm your order by paying the deposit.
    The remaining amount is sent in a separate invoice 4 weeks before departure or by payment at our boat

    3. Terms of cancellation

    Any cancellations/changes must be made in writing.
    The date and time of cancellation are the date and time you send your e-mail to us.

    Yachting reserves the right to cancel any tours in case of:
    Bad weather
    Not enough passengers booked
    Technical problems with the boat
    Sick crew
    Other inconvenienced caused by 3rd parties


  • Cancellation by the customer - Day Tour
    Free cancellation until 24 Hours before departure

    Cancellation by the customer – Multi-day tours/Packages
    Cancellation 60 or more days before departure: You will lose your deposit

    No refunds will be given if you fail to arrive at the agreed time and place. This also applies if you arrive too late without advising us and gaining acceptance for the delay. The full amount (100%) applies for all “no-shows”.

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